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Give Your Coffee Shop a Pick-Me-Up with a Clover™ POS System

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Give Your Coffee Shop or Cafe a Pick-Me-Up with a Clover™ POS System

Many people don’t function well before their first cup of coffee. While that may be the reality, it doesn’t mean your coffee shop has to run the same way. From the minute you open to the last cup of coffee served, you need a system that your business can rely on. From orders, inventory, and more, the Clover POS system will keep track of the moving parts to your coffee shop.

One of the best ways to improve your business is a smart POS system. This efficient credit card processing solution is so smooth, that customers can swipe easily before their caffeine pick-me-up. The Clover POS system is a fully customized, cloud-based merchant service that will keep your coffee business organized and running smoothly.

What is the Clover™ POS System?

The Clover POS system is a powerful management tool for your coffee shop. It is a cloud-based system that you can access anywhere or anytime to keep your business running smoothly. It includes everything you need to accept payment but can also track inventory and provide customer insight. POS systems should work smoothly, quickly, and efficiently so customers can grab their coffee and start their day.

The Benefits of Clover™ POS Systems for Coffee Shops and Cafes

You started your coffee business to serve customers coffee. Credit card processing was not the main focus and that will still be true with the Clover ™ POS system. Much like implementing a loyalty reward program, the system offers valuable merchant services. A loyalty program will allow you to track new and returning customers. It will also help track your busiest hours, and compare yourself to similar businesses. You are not confined to taking payments at the counter. This system allows you to process payments at the table, at the curb, and even online.

The Clover ™ POS system’s sleek design offers a touch-screen high-resolution display. It includes everything you need: a receipt printer, cash drawer, a high-resolution camera for scanning bar codes, and a built-in card reader. There are also several upgrade options such as Clover Mini, Clover Flex, and Clover Go. These options make it more convenient to run your shop your way. More importantly, credit card processing will still work in an offline mode if necessary.

Turnkey Processing Is Your Coffee Shop & Cafe POS Systems Company In Connecticut

Clover is very easy to incorporate into your existing small business. You can start with the basic setup and customize it as needed in the future. The software offers hundreds of free and paid apps to implement to make your Clover POS system truly one of a kind. 

The Clover POS system is a fresh up-to-date way to run your business. No need to worry about common failures such as failed credit card processing. Your inventory is going to be tracked to help you stay organized. Every day should start with a great cup of coffee and Clover . 

Turnkey Processing is your authorized Clover ™ POS system seller and merchant service, provider. Our merchant service company goes a step beyond all other Clover ™ sellers. We provide the support and attention that your business needs at any time. Contact us today to learn more about how we could help you.

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