Run your restaurant with Hybrid POS

OrderCounter has perfected the best of both worlds.
We run with the reliability of an in-house server but with the
accessibility of a cloud solution, allowing you to view your data
and run your restaurant anywhere from any device.


Reliability: A hybrid POS system provides the reliability of an on-premise system, as it can continue to operate even if the internet connection goes down. This is important for businesses that cannot afford to have downtime in their operations.

Data Security: A hybrid POS system can offer enhanced data security by storing sensitive information on-premise instead of in the cloud. This can be important for businesses that handle sensitive customer information, such as credit card details.

Customization: A hybrid POS system can offer greater customization than a cloud-based system, as it can be tailored to specific business needs and workflows. This can make it easier for businesses to manage their operations and improve efficiency.

Flexibility: A hybrid POS system can offer greater flexibility than a cloud-based system, as it can be used offline or online depending on business needs. This can be important for businesses that operate in areas with unreliable internet connections or need to process transactions during peak hours when internet bandwidth may be limited.

Cost: A hybrid POS system is more cost-effective than a cloud-based system, especially over the long-term.

Delivery & Takeout

Customizable pizza restaurant features, delivery mapping and customer online ordering helps simplify your operations. Receive online orders directly into your POS from your favorite popular online ordering system.

Multi-Unit & Enterprise

Track and manage all of your locations from one management console. OrderCounter offers centralized oversight, access, and menu management for both large and small restaurant groups.

Tableside Tablet Ordering

Skip the notepad and the trek to the wait station and send your customer's orders directly to the kitchen from the table. Line busting enables the kitchen to start working on orders faster, which improves throughput and your guest experience.

Bar & Nightclub

OrderCounter's fast bar technology is designed for busy bartenders at quick-paced businesses as well as restaurant-combination establishments. Handle high-stress times with ease and allow bartenders to spend more time with customers instead of in front of a screen.

Fine Dining

Let your team focus on cooking, not counting. Fine dining restaurants utilizes OrderCounter’s coursing and Kitchen screen technology to efficiently fulfill orders instead of hunting through tickets. Create a five-star experience.

Quick Service & Fast Casual

The faster your line moves, the more likely customers are to return. Quick service and fast casual concepts can enjoy real-time kitchen updates and customer line-busting systems with tablet technology and kiosks.

Key Feature Summary

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