Why Your Business Should Offer Public Wifi

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Why Your Business Should Offer Public Wifi

According to Pew Research Center, 85% of Americans own a smartphone. Customers coming into your business want connectivity, accessibility, and to know that you offer up-to-date services. We know it can feel overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing technology needs of your customers. Covid-19 created a world where we order through QR codes and check-into restaurants and retail locations online.

Many businesses can benefit from offering free public wifi. Learn how your business can benefit by having your customers connect to wifi using the Clover ™ point of sale system.

The Benefits of Offering Public Wifi At Your Business

According to a recent article on Small Business Trends, about 62% of businesses that offer free public wifi reported that their customers stayed longer. In this study, 50% of these businesses had their customers spend more money as well. This data proves that businesses can best serve their customer’s needs by providing this service.

Here are the added benefits of adding public wifi to your business: 

Customer Data Collection: Offering free wifi services in exchange for customer information is a great way to build customer loyalty. Your business is able to remarket to its current customer base by collecting their data. This data can include a name, email address, home address, and or phone number. Adding customer data to marketing campaigns will help keep your business top of mind.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction comes from knowing your consumer. An easy way to collect consumer data is by sending your customers surveys to rate how their last experience was. This allows your customers to honestly review their past experiences as well as get feedback on how their last experience could’ve been better. Honest reviews give your business tangible information to make necessary changes to better satisfy your customers.

This study is one of many that show businesses ultimately reap benefits once they offer free public wifi. Businesses can also better keep up to date on the needs of their customers, increasing their lifetime value. 

How Your Business can Start to Offer Free Public Wifi

There are a few ways to set up public wifi for your customers. The first step is to contact your local broadband internet provider, they should be able to guide you through the bulk of the process.

Make sure to consider getting a broadband plan with unlimited downloads and fast speeds. You will have multiple customers log into your public network at once. These features are very important when choosing a service that is adequately fast and functional.

Safety is another area that your customers care about when using your wifi. Password-protected public wifi ensures the safety of your customers and mitigates hackers and identity thieves from getting their information. Your internet provider will most likely offer the latest safety and security features with your wifi plan.

Clover ™ Point of Sale System Offers a Great Wifi Service For Your Business

The Clover™ App Market has a free wifi terminal for your customers to use. This terminal has a login page that is custom branded to your business, allowing your customers to opt into the wifi by using their email or Facebook login credentials. 

Clover ™ point of sale system offers a wifi solution that automates key aspects of your marketing such as:

  • Provide your customers with “free wifi” for all devices
  • Personalize your wifi login and exit page
  • Build and grow your customer email lists
  • Automatically email customers 
  • Grow your business’s social media presence
  • Reward your loyal customers with coupons and discounts
  • Receive customer feedback

Clover ™ also includes a free software application for your Clover terminal to scan coupons and collect customer information. Through your Clover ™ terminal, you can view the latest data and reports on your business’s digital marketing performance.

Contact Turnkey Processing For Your Clover™ Point of Sale System

If you’re interested in offering public wifi to your customers but don’t have a point of sale system that can track all of your customer’s data, contact Turnkey Processing. Turnkey Processing is an authorized, independent Clover™ point-of-sale system seller and helps businesses of every kind. Contact us today to see how we can help your business and if you qualify for our free payment terminal program.

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