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Upgrade Your ShopKeep POS System Software With Clover ™

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Upgrade Your ShopKeep POS System Software With Clover ™

Is your business still using the Shopkeep point of sale system software?

Their software system still provides an impressive amount of options, but there are setbacks to integrating a system like Shopkeep in your business. Most system users use an iPad to run this software. Many business owners become frustrated when they need to upgrade to the latest iPad. Just to keep up to date with the most recent updates in technology. Furthermore, upgrades are expensive, time-consuming, and can be a headache for businesses looking for a better way to streamline. 

What if there was a POS system that could give your business fewer limitations? At Turnkey Processing, we offer the Clover ™ point of sale system that will give your business an advantage over other devices.

The Benefits of Clover ™ POS System Using ShopKeep Software

Clover™ offers many features and benefits, including the following:

  • Sleek, modern design inspired by the likes of Apple, Tesla, and other Silicon Valley pioneers.
  • Easy touchscreen functionality with patented swivel base.
  • USB ports to allow connectivity with printers, barcode scanners, scales, and more
  • Cutting-edge security includes adherence to the latest PCI-DSS standards, authenticated SSL, end-to-end encryption, and more.
  • Compatibility with numerous payment methods including credit cards, PIN debit cards, EMV chip cards, and NFC payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.
  • Multiple platform options include the countertop Clover™ terminal, mobile options like the Clover™ Flex, and the Clover™ Mini.

Get Your Business Up-to-date by Contacting Turnkey Processing

Learn more about the benefits of ShopKeep POS hardware from Clover ™ by contacting Turnkey Processing today. Turnkey Processing is an authorized, independent Clover™ reseller. Contact us today and see how Turnkey can work with you to make sure you get the right Clover ™ POS system that best meets your business’s needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your business and if you qualify for our free payment terminal program.

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