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What AI and Chat GPT Can and Can’t Do (Currently)

A robot shakes hands with a businessman. It's a black and white image and they're clearly in an office.
A robot shakes hands with a businessman. It's a black and white image and they're clearly in an office.
This image was designed by Midjourney when we prompted it to create a picture of a friendly AI shaking hands with a businessperson.

We’ve come a long way when it comes to artificial intelligence. It can create art, blog posts, and can even pass written exams for college students looking to cut corners. With the power of AI, businesses can now automate processes, increase productivity, and provide customers with more personalized experiences. However, there are some things that it can’t do – at least not yet. AI, or artificial intelligence, has been revolutionizing the way businesses operate in recent years. We’ve taken an in depth look at what AI can and can’t do, and how business owners can make the most of this new technology.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

First, it’s important to understand what AI actually is. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that has revolutionized the way businesses and individuals interact with computers. AI is a broad term that refers to a range of technologies, from basic automation to sophisticated machine learning algorithms, that can be used to assist people in a wide variety of tasks.

At its core, AI is about automating processes to reduce human effort and make decisions more quickly and accurately. In other words, its entire point of it is to make the lives of people easier – not to start the robot apocalypse. 

What AI Is Really Good At

There are some things that AI is really excellent at doing. It can save a person time by summarizing long emails, books, or documents;  Summarizebot is one such program that can do just that. AI can also focus on writing, including creating blog posts, social media captions, or even articles for journalists. As an example, Anyword can craft various articles and posts at the direction of a person. This same program can even write papers for students who are looking for an easy way to pass a class without putting in the work (though we don’t condone doing that). In fact, AI has been deployed in applications ranging from autonomous cars to marketing automation. Most importantly for businesses, AI can automate meeting minutes, schedule appointments, and can act as a personal assistant.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention Chat GPT. The capabilities of this program are phenomenal. It can succinctly summarize large documents, create copy, and more. This includes translating phrases into other languages, engaging in conversation and dialogue with users, and analyzing text for sentiment. If you’re wondering: Yes, we absolutely asked Chat GPT what its full capabilities are.

What AI Can’t Do

Currently, artificial intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s a great way to save time and energy when creating a lot of content. However, there are things that AI isn’t great at doing – at least, not yet. Artificial intelligence can’t replace human judgement and decision-making; it’s simply a tool that can supplement and enhance human capabilities. As an example, we can ask Chat GPT to create an engaging and personable description of a restaurant. However, that description may mention that the restaurant is in the wrong city – or may say that restaurant serves something that it doesn’t. With that in mind, Chat GPT is a great “jumping off” point that copy writers and journalists can use before taking it the rest of the way. However, AI still needs a human editor.

That isn’t all that AI can’t do. AI also still hasn’t figured out humor. Sure, you can absolutely ask Alexa to tell you a joke or pun, but using humor in the context of a larger piece can be difficult for an AI program. To make the most out of AI for business, focus on combining human expertise with automated analysis to make more informed decisions. In fact, we’ve done that ourselves at Turnkey. In other words, humans still need to guide AI.


Overall, AI is a great tool that people and businesses can use to make their lives easier. The abilities of AI are growing quickly, however, so it’s important to keep up with it as it becomes more prevalent in our modern society. In fact, it’s likely that AI will be involved in self-driving cars, personalized healthcare, robotics, and may even be able to help mitigate climate change. With that being said, we don’t know exactly what the future holds. Though we can be assured that it likely won’t involve the robot apocalypse or an AI takeover – at least, we hope not.

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