Clover ™ Is a Great POS System for Cigar Shops & Tobacconists

Every retailer needs a good point of sale system, and cigar stores are no exception.

If you own or manage a tobacco shop or cigar store and you’re looking for your next POS system, look no further than Clover ™.

Clover ™ POS systems are powerful, versatile, and stylish—everything you want and more for your cigar store.

The Benefits of Clover ™ Point of Sale Systems for Cigar Shops and Tobacco Stores

Clover ™ has been called the world’s first-ever “smart” point of sale system. That’s because it does more than just store cash and run credit cards.

Clover ™ systems are the smartphones of the POS world. The Android-based operating system that Clover ™ runs on allows for an intuitive interface and a proprietary App Market that’s host to hundreds of third-party software applications.

What can the Clover ™ App Market offer you?

  • Employee management tools
  • Marketing automation
  • Accounting automation
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Sales analytics
  • And more!

In addition to the tools provided on the App Market, Clover ™ also offers terrific standard features as well:

  • Easy touchscreen functionality
  • Cutting-edge security with PCI-DSS Compliance and end-to-end encryption
  • USB ports for easy integration of receipt printers and other accessories
  • Compatibility with multiple payment methods such as cash, credit, PIN debit, EMV chip cards, Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Manage Inventory with the Cigaratory App

While many Clover ™ apps are useful for just about any business, the Cigaratory app by Avalon Ridge Technologies is the only one that’s made specifically for cigar stores.

Break boxes into multiple types (sample packs, singles, and more), manage and create purchase orders, and more with the Cigaratory app.

Learn How Turnkey Processing can Help Your Cigar Shop

To learn more about why Clover ™ is right for your cigar shop, contact the team at Turnkey Processing today. A merchant services provider and authorized independent Clover ™ retailer, Turnkey helps businesses thrive every day.

Lastly, contact us today to see how we can help your business and if you qualify for our free payment terminal program.