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Run your business faster, smarter, easier

Clover POS streamlines your business operations with its secure, all-encompassing cloud-based system. Boasting an extensive product suite, a vast app store, and accessibility from virtually any device, Clover POS offers adaptability and scalability for almost any business.

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Does Clover POS let you
sell online?

Yes, whether you are a retail, restaurant, or service business, Clover is fully integrated
with online ordering capabilities to keep you competitive with the big box stores.

Accept and manage orders directly from your customers and popular food deliver services
eCommerce for Retail
Manage your Online and physical stores from one place with Clover POS
Online Invoicing
Email payment requests to your customers, and allow them to pay online for quicker turnaround

Does Clover POS let you manage your
business in Real Time?

Yes, from sales tracking and reporting, customer engagement, and cash flow, you can
see it all live on Clover.

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See your revenue across all locations anytime from anywhere with clear and simple reports.

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See your best and worst performing items, and make intelligent decisions

Data structure

End-of-Day Reports

Get a snapshot of your day from sales, tips, and card transactions

Does Clover POS have contactless

Clover’s modern, attractive POS systems allow your customers to pay anyway they like. Clover POS supports Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Digital Wallets, ‘Tap’ payments, EMV Chip Cards, and old fashioned swipes. The Clover Virtual Terminal allows you to save customer payment information securely and charge cards remotely from anywhere.

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Can Clover POS
integrate with
other Software?

Clover POS was designed with a foundation that welcomes 3rd party developers to create custom apps and integrations. Mirroring the concept of Apple’s ‘App Store’ and Google’s ‘PlayStore’, Clover boasts its very own app marketplace that has been expanding steadily since 2012.

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Why Purchase Clover from

Remarkable Service

Since 2013, we’ve hand programmed and deployed thousands of Clover Devices across the country. That’s why we’ve developed our own in-house support line for our Clover Customers - with 24/7 instant access to experts, trained to solve your issues.

Precision Crafted Solutions

We invest the time to understand the intricacies of your business, aligning you with solutions that fit like a glove. We won’t sell you things you don’t need. Period. We hand-program all of the devices we sell so that they are ‘plug and play’ ready for your business.

Integrity with our Word

At Turnkey, our word is our bond. This includes transparent pricing with zero surprises. What you see is what you get—no bait and switch, no hidden fees.

Freedom to Choose

We don’t have a 5-star reputation because we’re infallible, we earned it because we always make our customers whole – even when it hurts. If you’re not happy with something, tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll make it right.

100% Make it Right Guarantee

We believe in giving our clients the freedom to journey with us. We’re confident you’ll find value in our service, but there’s never a penalty for leaving.

Josefina Morales
Josefina Morales
March 5, 2024
Anthony Basileo
Anthony Basileo
March 3, 2024
Ivy rose was a great help in getting our chargeback straightened out. 5 Stars
Nicholas Misleh
Nicholas Misleh
February 29, 2024
Excellent communication and customer service!
Michele Frank
Michele Frank
February 19, 2024
Beyond happy with our services from Turnkey. They have been wonderful, easy to work with and really made an effort to make the process smooth and successful. Colin has been AMAZING! Really a pleasure to work with and hes clearly passionate about what he does. Thanks to everyone at Turnkey who helped make Beyond Beauty a success!
Bryan Picard
Bryan Picard
February 16, 2024
Their service is top notch! They have helped our company scale and have opened doors I didn’t know were there. Highly recommend them!
Sherri Singleton
Sherri Singleton
February 15, 2024
Roy has been so helpful with taking care of our account! I really appreciate the great customer service!
Gail Longstaff
Gail Longstaff
February 8, 2024
I have always found the team at Turnkey to be exceptionally responsive and thorough in dealing with any issue I've had.
Sirinan Supannafai
Sirinan Supannafai
February 1, 2024
The best ever for our small business!!!!!!
Logic Construction Corp
Logic Construction Corp
January 31, 2024
Ivy is extremely helpful and very knowledgeable But most importantly, she is Extremely responsive. Any issues that may arise she has been able to solve them in a very timely manner.




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