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A Hybrid POS Built For Restaurants

Order Counter is a premium Restaurant POS, meticulously crafted for the unique needs of the food service industry. With its hybrid design combining server and cloud capabilities it offers both advanced user interface customization and accessibility from any location. Further enhancing its versatility, Order Counter provides integrated online ordering, seamless mobile and tablet ordering options, and compatibility with leading 3rd party restaurant vendors.

What Industries is Order Counter POS designed for?


Fine Dining

Order Counter’s highly customizable coursing and kitchen display technology make it a 5-star choice for Fine Dining restaurants.


Bar & Nightclub

Manage orders and tabs with ease during fast paced, high-stress times.


Quick Service & Fast Casual

Bust lines and turn over customers faster with lightning fast speed and efficiency internet bandwidth may be limited.


Delivery & Takeout

Take Online Orders direct from your customers and seamlessly manage orders from popular food delivery services


Multi-Location & Enterprise

Scale the system with your businesses’ growth, manage your restaurant group from a centralized location

Shop Order Counter POS Products

  • Hybrid POS​

    Ge the reliability of a traditional server based system with the benefits of cloud accessibility

  • Self-Serve Kiosks

    Help your Front-of-House team by allowing customers to order for themselves

  • Gift Cards & Loyalty

    Custom gift cards and a built in loyalty system make it simple to engage customers

  • Employee Scheduling

    Schedule Gofer makes it easy to stay organized and monitor labor costs

  • Tablet Solutions

    Take orders and payments directly from the table with a mobile POS tablet solution

  • Kitchen Display System (KDS)

    Make it easy and paperless for your back-of-house staff to efficiently fulfill orders

  • Mobile App

    Check on your business wherever you are

  • Remote Back Office

    Manage employees, inventory, reports and performance from anywhere

What makes Order Counter
different from other POS companies?

From categories and modifiers to ticket printing, every detail can be tailored, guaranteeing that your POS aligns seamlessly with your business operations.

Order Counter empowers you with the freedom to choose your payment processor, ensuring you always benefit from the most competitive rates.

With Order Counter, you’re in complete control. You own your data and your business, ensuring that the decision to share your data rests solely with you.

Order Counter is integrated with leading restaurant software such as Quickbooks, Itsacheckmate, Restaurant 365, and Sevenrooms.

Order Counter was proudly designed and programmed in the United States by a team of restaurant professionals – ensuring attention to detail.

Order Counter includes reliable and accessible in-house 24/7 training & support for their customers.  You’ll never be on your own with Order Counter.

Order Counter is a privately owned company led by its original founder and CEO who’s team has successfully deployed over 25,000 systems and counting to the food service industry since 2007.

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Why Buy Order Counter from Turnkey?

Remarkable Service

In addition to Order Counter’s support line, we’ve developed our own in-house support line for our Order Counter Customers – with 24/7 instant access to experts, trained to solve your issues.  

We invest the time to understand the intricacies of your business, aligning you with solutions that fit like a glove. We won’t sell you things you don’t need. Period.  We hand-program all of the devices we sell so that they are ‘plug and play’ ready for your business.

At Turnkey, our word is our bond. This includes transparent pricing with zero surprises. What you see is what you get—no bait and switch, no hidden fees.

We believe in giving our clients the freedom to journey with us.  We’re confident you’ll find value in our service, but there’s never a penalty for leaving. 

We don’t have a 5-star reputation because we’re infallible, we earned it because we always make our customers whole – even when it hurts.   If you’re not happy with something, tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll make it right.