Among Fine Dining POS Systems, Clover ™ Understands Restaurants

Fine dining is all about the best: the best food, the best service, the best atmosphere, the best experience.

It follows that if you’re a fine dining restaurant looking for a point of sale system, you’ll expect nothing less than what your patrons expect from you—the very best.

When it comes to restaurant point of sale systems, nothing beats Clover ™.  If you’re in the market for a fine dining POS, you’ve found it here.

The Benefits of Clover ™ Point of Sale Systems

Clover ™ point-of-sale systems are sleek, state-of-the-art machines that offer numerous benefits over the competition.

  • Gorgeous, modern design inspired by tech innovators like Apple
  • Technological features like swivel screens, USB ports, anti-microbial Gorilla Glass touch screen, and more
  • Compatibility with payment methods like cash, check, credit, PIN debit, EMV chip cards, contactless payment, and more
  • A full-service App Market with proprietary software to help you customize your system to serve your unique needs
  • And more

In addition to the general benefits of Clover ™ POS systems, they also boast features well suited to the fine dining industry.

Clover ™ Point of Sale Helps with the Fine Dining Service Experience

Of everything that defines the fine dining experience, there’s nothing more essential than the quality of service. You can get great food anywhere, but exceptional service is what truly sets a superior restaurant apart.

Clover ™ point of sale systems can be extremely effective. Especially in helping your front-of-the-house staff provide top-tier service worthy of any fine dining establishment. Here are just some of the ways:

  • Pay-at-the-table: Traditionally, patrons are presented with a check at their table before providing the server with cash or a credit card. Payment is taken to the front of the house, and a change or a credit card receipt is returned. The system works, but it can be slow, clunky, and keep servers from responding quickly to other diners. With Clover™ mobile handheld POS systems, can collect payments directly at the table. Freeing up wait staff and streamlining the process for patrons.
  • Tip Pooling: Tip pooling is an increasingly common practice because it encourages wait staff to cooperate and improve service across the floor rather than compete with one another for better tables and tips. The Tip Pooling app from Clover™ makes tip pooling a breeze.

Fast Communication with Kitchen Staff: With the Kitchen Display app, orders are displayed in the back mere seconds after being entered into the front register. This improves efficiency, service, and accuracy.

Learn How Turnkey Processing can Help Your Fine Dining Restaurant

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