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Our team is always growing. We are looking for people who share our core values and passion for Remarkablism™.

We always need skilled workers. Locations are always changing. Please check here frequently to see if there is a hiring surge in your area.

Please be advised that these answers are based on our current policies and are intended to be helpful for quick reference. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of them in the future.

A: Yes! We offer a few different options. You can be your own boss and work as a 1099 contractor or potentially join us as a W2 employee.

A: Yes, we have multiple plans you can choose from where upfront commissions are included as well as including lifetime residual commissions.

A: We do require a short training regiment to help you be successful in your role. Our Fast Start program is paid and, on average, only takes anywhere from 2-3 days depending on the speed of completion.

A: We do offer competitive bonuses and incentives.

A: Depending on what program you choose, you can be paid weekly or monthly.

A: We cut through all the red tape for you and provide you with the resources and support developed over a decade plus of experience. Included are all the perks we normally provide through our Payzero Club™ plus appointment setting, personal assistants, proposal generation, dual-line POS vendors, and a personalized local phone number.

If you currently oversee a team of talented salespeople or work in the restaurant services industry, please contact us to find out how you and your entire team can become PoS resellers or sales representatives with Turnkey.

Program features include:

One-on-one reseller training

Residual revenue sharing

Upfront bonuses and commissions

Dedicated support team with expertise in Clover POS

Fresh, local leads emailed to you when we receive them

You are always finding a way. Going the extra mile. These traits make you a perfect fit for Turnkey. Our ever-growing team of independent salespeople can work in their own communities anywhere in the United States. Make your own schedule and control your own workload. We accept any level of sales experience and will help improve your skills through our online training program. We are passionate about small business and the entrepreneurial spirit. If you are here, we know you are too. Please contact us here for more information on how to get started if you feel you would thrive with Turnkey.

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