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IOS-compatible PoS

Potado™ is the IOS-compatible PoS system made specifically for restaurants. It is chock full of customizable features baked right in. Potado™ can smash the competition in all types of businesses, including table-service restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, bars, food trucks, pizzerias and chain franchises.

Potado™ establishes roots. It will become an integral part of your business. Your customized PoS system can be as fully loaded or as simple as you desire.

We offer an affordable solution for customers who want both the best POS software and hardware. You can lease or buy these products. Enjoy included software updates and live 24/7 phone support. No robo-calls here.

  • Inefficiency can bring you to a boiling point. Potado™ has you covered. Never lose an order ticket again. Potado™ includes printer rerouting to keep your business running smooth as butter.
  • Modifiers and Potado™ are best spuds. Potado’s™ modifiers and sub-modifiers allow you to accommodate all custom orders. Customize everything from pizza to potatoes.
  • Our Potado™ Chip reader is fast, efficient, and accepts all types of payments both physical and contactless on the move. Never feel stuck in the mud with slow or cumbersome equipment again.
PoS hardware

POS Hardware:

The iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Mini are all compatible with Potado™ POS. In addition to using iPads as register systems, you can use them as customer displays or even contactless devices. You can use your own device or purchase one through us.

PoS hardware and software

POS Software and Hardware Bundle:

We offer an affordable bundled solution for customers who need both the best POS software and hardware. You can lease or buy these products. We also include software updates and live 24/7 phone support with a live person. No robo-calls here.

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