Clover ™ Is the Filet Mignon of Butcher Shop POS Systems

Being a butcher isn’t always easy.

According to the industry research company IBISWorld, “Making the cut in the Meat Markets industry has become increasingly difficult.”

This is primarily due to competition from large chain groceries and big-box retailers. But butchers and meat markets also have to contend with all the other challenges faced by modern retailers—marketing, accounting, managing employees, and more.

If you’re looking for a good meat market point of sale system, why not get one that can help you with all of that and more?

Clover™ point-of-sale systems can do just that.

What Are Clover Point of Sale Systems?

Clover ™ point of sale systems is a sleek, modern approach to POS. Clover™ terminals feature versatility unlike any other.

Clover ™ comes in four distinct platforms to provide exactly the functionality you require:

  • Clover ™ Terminal: This full-sized countertop system features a swivel screen, scanner, cash drawer, USB ports for printers and other add-ons, and more.
  • The Clover ™ Mini: A smaller, more lightweight version of the Clover ™ system, the Mini is the future of the credit card terminal.
  • Clover ™ Mobile: A handheld POS terminal, the Mobile goes where you do—even on the road to events like farmer’s markets.
  • The Clover ™ Flex: Even more portable than the Mobile, Flex is the latest POS offering from Clover ™.

Each platform features access to Clover’s ™ proprietary third-party App Market. In addition to benefits like PCI-DSS compliance, fully secure encryption, EMV chip compatibility, and much more.

How Clover ™ Point of Sale Systems Can Help Butcher Shops and Meat Markets

Clover ™ POS systems are more than glorified cash registers.

With the App Market and other standard software features, Clover ™ offers a lot more than just a cash drawer. Here are just some of what Clover ™ can help with.

Marketing Automation

Apps like Perka Rewards and others can help you automate your business. Like customer loyalty programs, social media marketing, SMS text marketing, email marketing, and more. When you’re competing with big box stores that have built-in name recognition, good marketing can be a game-changer.

Accounting for Butcher Shops

How much time do you spend on your books? Probably too much! Clover ™ lets you directly integrate your sales with accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero, saving you the time and trouble of entering line after line of sales numbers.

Employee Management

Clock in and out, handle employee communications, cash tips. With more with numerous employee management apps in the Clover ™ App Market.

And More!

Other offerings in the App Market include software for inventory management, sales analytics, delivery, gift card management, receipt customization, and a lot more.

Learn How Turnkey Processing can Help Your Butcher Shop

To learn more about why Clover ™ is right for your butcher shop or meat market and get a quote, contact the team at Turnkey Processing today. A merchant services provider and authorized independent Clover ™ retailer, Turnkey helps businesses thrive every day.

Lastly, contact us today to see how we can help your business and if you qualify for our free payment terminal program.