Clover ™ Mobile POS Systems Help to Take Farmers Markets into the 21st Century

When the average person imagines a farmers market, they probably think of rustic, salt-of-the-earth farmers who bring their wares in the beds of old pickups, using a rusty old tin cashbox in lieu of any kind of register.

While this image of a rough-handed farm worker may or may not be accurate, the business of farmers markets in America is much more sophisticated than this popular image would suggest. According to the Farmers Market Coalition, farmers market sales in 2005 exceeded $1 billion nationwide. Without getting into too many more details, let this suffice to say that farmers markets are a serious, modern business. Among other things, that means farmers market vendors need serious, modern business tools – like a good point of sale system.

If you’re a farmer or other vendor who regularly sells at farmers markets, in addition to the hard work of agriculture you have to worry about all of the other headaches that come with any retail venture. Luckily, the Clover ™ Mobile point of sale system is a perfect solution for farmers market sellers to minimize these hassles and focus on the things that are more important.

The Benefits of Clover™ Mobile POS for Famers Markets

Fully Mobile to Take On-the-Go

Odds are there’s not just one farmers market you go to, so your point of sale system needs to be truly mobile. Clover™ Mobile is a fully integrated mobile POS that literally fits in one hand. Easy touch screen functionality and a battery that can last an entire day on a single charge truly set this apart from other options – like clunky smartphone apps that barely work and drain your battery.

Accepts a Variety of Payment Methods

No matter what your business, “cash only” isn’t a great business model these days. with the Clover™ Mobile, you can accept cash, credit cards, EMV chip cards, PIN debit cards, mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, and even SNAP benefits through EBT  cards.

Never turn a potential customer away because you can’t accept their preferred payment again!

Automates Time-Consuming Tasks for Farmers Markets

How much time do you currently spend on invoicing? Ordering supplies from vendors? Filing sales taxes? Clover™ systems boast a robust App Market that includes numerous applications. As well as software packages designed especially to eliminate these bothersome chores.

DAVO Sales Tax automatically collects and files state sales taxes; stockIt automates your inventory and supply ordering processes; Weigh & Pay PRO helps you to sell by weight.

Numerous other apps help streamline your business. From placing fast food orders to browsing the web and automating your social media marketing. The bottom line is, that you save a lot of time.

Learn How Turnkey Processing can Help Your Farmers Market

If you’re interested in your very own Clover ™ Mobile POS system, Turnkey Processing is the team to call. An authorized Clover ™ retailer, Turnkey takes its service a step beyond the competition. Other retailers will often simply send you a system in a box. But Turnkey helps you set your Clover ™, learn how to use it, and integrate it into your business.

Lastly, contact us today to see how we can help your business and if you qualify for our free payment terminal program.