Clover ™ Point of Sale Systems are Great for Chinese Restaurants

If you’re looking for a great Chinese restaurant point of sale system, look no further than Clover ™.

Clover ™ point-of-sale systems are amazing tools for dining establishments of all kinds, and Chinese restaurants are no exception. Whether you specialize in Chinese fine diningfast-casual, take-out, delivery, or anything in between, Clover ™ offers the tools you need to thrive.

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But a Clover ™ point of sale system can sure help!

The Benefits of Clover ™ Point of Sale Systems for Hobby Shops

Clover ™ is more than just a point-of-sale system. It’s an all-in-one platform for helping to run your business your way.

That’s why it’s been called the first “smart POS.”

It’s no more just a point of sale system than your smartphone is “just” for making calls.

Clover™ point of sale systems offer businesses of all kinds the following features and benefits:

  • Acceptance of all major payment methods, including PIN debit, swipe credit, EMV chip cards, NFC payment, and more
  • PCI-DSS compliance, full encryption, and state-of-the-art security
  • Sleek modern design
  • Easy touchscreen functionality
  • Full access to the Clover™ App Market (more on that below)
  • And more!

Pay at the Table and Order at the Table Solutions

If your Chinese restaurant offers table service, pay-at-the-table from Clover™ can help increase sales, increase turnover, boost tips, improve customer satisfaction, and more. Learn more about the benefits of pay at the table and order at the table solutions here.

Best Clover ™ Apps for Your Chinese Restaurant

One of the biggest benefits of a Clover ™ POS system is access to the huge suite of third-party software tools on the App Market. Here are some of the best Clover™ apps for Chinese restaurants.

  • Online Ordering Made Easy: This app integrates with your website to create a fully-functional online ordering portal complete with credit card processing. Letting customers order online means more sales and more business, period.
  • Driver Assign: Keep better track of your delivery orders and assign drivers for each one with this app. 
  • Clavo Tables: This restaurant table management app lets you assign tables, split tables, and more. 
  • Time Clock for Restaurants: This restaurants-focused timecard application manages timesheets, employee scheduling, communication, and payroll.
  • Menu Boards: Create custom digital menu boards that are based on your POS data. From General Tso’s to dim sum, dumplings, lo mein, and more display your menu your way!

Learn How Turnkey Processing can Help Your Chinese Restaurant

Interested in learning more about how Clover ™ of sales systems can help your Chinese restaurant? Contact the team at Turnkey Processing today. An authorized Clover ™ reseller, Turnkey takes pride in helping businesses of every type make the most of their Clover ™ systems.

Lastly, contact us today to see how we can help your business and if you qualify for our free payment terminal program.