What’s Wrong with TikTok?: How TikTok Ban Changes Social Media

A picture of a hand holding a phone with an "X" through the TikTok logo hero.

TikTok has taken the world by storm with billions of users worldwide, and it has no signs of slowing down on social media. Tiktok is popular with the younger generation. However, it has also managed to attract users of all ages across the United States. Now, though, TikTok may face a social media ban. The […]

What POS System is Best for a Seafood Restaurant

A plate of fresh oysters being served in a seafood restaurant.

When it comes to your point of sales system (POS system), it’s important to choose the right one when opening your restaurant. As Connecticut natives, we’re no strangers to the many seafood restaurants that dot our shoreline. As we’ve learned more about each space and each restaurant, we’ve come to realize that some POS systems […]

Experience Design for Connecticut Restaurants

Flowers being placed artfully on a green-colored cocktail as part of experience design.

In Connecticut’s restaurant scene, people are looking for unique and interesting experiences. This shift from a service-based economy to an experience-based economy is not just a fleeting trend, but a golden standard that is here to stay. For restaurant owners, learning experience design for their restaurant is a necessity.  We work with a lot of […]

Team Building Exercises for Employees Boost Your Business

A group picture of the Turnkey team during an employee get together for team building.

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication is more than just a buzzword — it’s a necessity. In fact, understanding the importance of fostering a strong team dynamic is crucial (after all, that’s what we do in-house). That’s why we’ve created this guide about team building exercises for employees. These activities can enhance communication, boost […]

What is Website SEO for Your Business?

A picture of 3 letters on a table. The letters are: S, E, and O.

These days, you hear the term “SEO” quite a bit when it comes to a website or web marketing. It’s become a bit of a catchall for getting your business noticed online. The fact of the matter is that SEO isn’t all that broad. Instead SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, pertains to increasing the visibility […]