Use the Clover ™ POS System & Upgrade Your Salon or Spa’s Booker Software

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Use the Clover ™ POS System & Upgrade Your Salon or Spa’s Booker Software

Your salon relies on happy customers and a schedule that you can trust. As a business owner, you also need to know that your system is reliable. A system that we recommend is Booker which can schedule your clients with ease. Booker is a cloud-based business management and point of sale software that’s built specifically for the cosmetic and wellness industries. Making this software is great for your salon or spa business!

Booker features automated marketing automation, social media promotion, and customized booking pages. With Booker, it makes online booking a breeze by allowing customers to book through their Facebook or Google profiles. This salon and spa software also offers analytics and insights to see performance data through your payment processing system. These are just a few of the many features Booker can make a difference with your business.

The Clover ™ POS system integrates with Booker seamlessly. Allowing you to keep track and automate your business all from one place. This software works great on many Clover ™ POS systems such as the Clover ™ Mini point of sales system.

Unlock the True Potential of Booker Through the Clover ™ POS System

At Turnkey Processing, we service a multitude of spa and salon businesses. We know how to make your business’s payment processing seamless by integrating Booker into your POS system. Here are many of the benefits Booker has once integrated into the Clover ™ Mini:

  • Clover ™ Mini accepts multiple payment methods, including magnetic stripe credit and debit cards, EMV chip cards, gift cards, service packages, loyalty points, and contactless NFC payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet all within one system.
  • Clover ™ Mini is a compact, lightweight unit that’s easy to move and integrate into your spa or salon’s layout as needed.
  • Runs wirelessly over 5G or wifi so you can take it wherever your business goes.
  • Includes an end-to-end encrypting card reader, data tokenization, a locked-down operating system, and a mutually authenticated SSL.
  • Features modern design inspired by Apple and Tesla, Clover will seamlessly blend on your countertop.
  • Includes multiple hub ports including USB, Ethernet, and cash drawer, built-in audio jack and speaker, microphone, SIM card slot, front-facing camera, receipt printer, and more!

Contact Turnkey Processing For Your Salon or Spa POS System

If you’re interested in learning more about the Clover ™ POS system that integrates with Booker, contact Turnkey Processing. Turnkey Processing is an authorized, independent Clover™ dealer and works with hair salons, nail salons, and spas across the country. Our merchant services company is here to help salons and spas make the most out of their POS systems. Contact us today to see how we can help your business and if you qualify for our free payment terminal program.

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